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How to Make Your Interior Windshield Shine

Microfiber towels (paper towels can be substituted)
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or rubbing alcohol
Glass cleaner
inside windshield cleaner

With a dry microfiber towel, wipe down the entire windshield in a circular motion. Follow up by wiping it in an up and down pattern.
Degrease It
If using a magic eraser, saturate it in warm water then wring it out. Clean the glass in a circular motion. Immediately wipe the windshield dry with a clean microfiber towel. This will degrease the glass.
Make it Shine
Spray glass cleaner onto a clean towel, and then apply it to the windshield in a circular motion. Wipe it again vertically to clear up any streaks or haze.
To get the detailed technique, follow ChrisFix in the video. He outlines several tips to avoid staining the dashboard as well as how to reach the crevice where the glass and dash meet. It’s also important to switch out soiled microfiber towels when handling this job.
If you don’t have a magic eraser handy, rubbing alcohol can be subbed in instead. For step two, pour some onto a clean microfiber towel and then rub it on the glass to degrease it. You will still need to use circular motions to buff on, and vertical strokes to polish it off.
Paper towels can be used but ChrisFix points out that they won’t get the glass as clean as microfiber ones. The little paper fibers can remain on the glass during and after cleaning. Check your local dollar store for budget friendly microfiber towels.
Keep in mind that if you’re a smoker, you’ll constantly need to clean the interior glass. Outgas vapors are also a continual problem, especially when it’s hot. Clean the glass regularly and you’ll notice a big difference like ChrisFix’s before and after shots!

Have you tried ChrisFix’s method on your windshield? What do you use to treat your car’s interior glass and how often do you do it? Tell us in the comments!