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How to Make DIY Self-Watering Planters

You’ll want to pick up some plastic pots. Plastic is great because they are easy to drill into.

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I bought cotton clothes line and there will be a lot left over if you get this size package. You can also use nylon cording instead of cotton. I’ve read that you will have less mold and mildew with nylon cording. I believe the Amazon self watering planters one has nylon cord.

I considered this option for my reservoir.

In the end, I went to Goodwill and bought 3 bowls that will become the glass reservoirs for my self watering planters. All three bowls together were about the same price as I what I had been thinking of getting. So, score!

In the process of this tutorial, I lost my black pot so we are going with this one instead. But know there is a cheaper one available. Happy accident, this one already has holes in the bottom so no drilling.

Here’s the Amazon one, it has a clear plastic reservoir, a wicking string, mesh for the bottom of the planter and a planter with holes. Again, I love these and I highly recommend them.

Here’s what I am using to create my self watering planters. Plastic pots (with holes are great or drill your own), containers that will work with your plastic pots to be the reservoirs, cotton or nylon cording, mesh or coffee filters and a scissors.

I cut my cord using the Amazon one for reference. It’s 10 inches long.

I popped the bottom off. We won’t be using it so you can set it aside.

Locate the holes in the bottom or drill your own…

Feed the cord through two of the holes.

It will be like an inside down U.

All done and ready to go on to of the reservoir.

Add your coffee filter to keep dirt in the top planter.

I’m repotting this plant that is in a smaller wicking pot.

I had been using this bottom of a wine bottle as the reservoir but it needs a bigger pot.

I think she looks very pretty in her new home.

I had another plant and that pot already had a hole in the bottom so I tucked some clothesline into the hole and it should work the same way.

Like so…

I see a lot of self watering planters in my future.

Here’s the Amazon version…

Here are all three together.

I would say this one of my favorite projects ever.

I really think it looks much more expensive than it cost.

What would be good plants to put in self watering planters? You know those dramatic ones…you forget to water them for one day and they are laying flat as a pancake.