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How To Clean Baseboards and Keep them Dust Free

How to clean baseboards

With this simple baseboard cleaning trick you do not need a baseboard cleaning tool. This is the best way to clean baseboards that I have ever done.

All you need is a box of dryer sheets! Yes that is the secret trick to having amazing clean baseboards. Using dryer sheets to clean baseboards is the only way I can get mine spotless quickly.

If your baseboards are really dirty then use bleach and water combo to get the dirt off. Then use the dryer sheet to clean your baseboards. The dryer sheet costing will make it so the dust does not stick to your baseboards.

After the first time cleaning the baseboards with bleach and then going over them with the dryer sheets, you should have easy cleaning from here on out! You should also have no issues going a few weeks with out having to go over the baseboards again with dryer sheets.

How To Clean Baseboards