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How to Choose the Healthy Egg for Your Meals?

If you are interested in travelling and if you have traveled to different countries, you would surely have experienced different meals.
I can remember once, during my travels, for breakfast the inn owner served me with an egg yore which was rather orange than yellow. In my place, the eggs I had were always yellow and therefore when I saw the colour of this egg, I was puzzled. At first I thought something must be wrong with the egg, but seeing how others ate that without any question, I understood that it is the natural color of the egg.
Look at the picture below.
Number is a very dark orange yolk, number 2 is a yellow yolk and number 3 is a light orange yolk. Which one do you think is healthy?
Many people do not know how to select a healthy egg. In fact now a day it is truly hard to find healthy eggs that comes out from farms. But, let’s see how you should select a healthy egg.
1. Egg with dark orange yolk
Many of us think these dark yellow ones are healthy and that’s true. The dark orange yolk comes from a chicken farm where chicken get all the daylight. Instead of large dark rooms where hundreds of chickens are kept together, these chickens get enough ventilation and light from natural lands. Their eggs are much nutritious as they eat natural insects such as grass hoppers on grass than just feeding with grains.

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