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How I Made A Custom Rug for Under Our Dining Table

For too long I’ve been staring at the absolutely beautiful dining room table my husband made me, directly on top of our floor. They blended together and the design and craftsmanship of the table was lost in a sea of wood. Friends, I needed a rug. I needed Floorigami.You see, I knew that the table should have a rug under it. To place some separation between it and the and floors, which would soften the area, and help highlight the craftsmanship of the table. Aesthetically, it was a must. I just couldn’t find any rug that would fit the area well. They were all either just a bit too big or a tad too small.

But after months of thinking it over. . . I found the solution to my problem. Making my own rug!

We went from this:

DIY custom size rug

To this:

it’S CALLED Floorigami?

Floorigami makes beautiful, quality, peel and stick carpet tiles perfect for customizing any space. You can do a wall-to-wall install, or make a rug for a specific area like I did! The possibilities are truly endless with this product. It comes in all different patterns, plies, and colors. Anyone can find a carpet they love with Floorigami!

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