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Here’s Why You Should Never Flush These 8 Items Down the Toilet

Paper Towels

Sure, it can be tempting to simply throw those grimy paper towels in the toilet after a bathroom cleaning session, but doing so will cause you nothing but trouble! Because they are made with materials that are much more durable than toilet paper, they simply don’t break down fast enough to be safely flushed.


Similar to baby wipes, flushed condoms are causing lots of problems in sewage systems throughout the world. These latex guys are made to withstand fluid and pressure, so they won’t simply dissolve on their own when tossed down the toilet.


Even the new-fangled diapers that come equipped with “flushable inserts” should NEVER be disposed of in the toilet. Flushing even one of these guys can cause a flooded bathroom of epic proportions.

Cotton Swabs

Even though cotton swabs seem tiny enough to “skate by” in most drains, these cleaning tools have the tendency of getting lodged very easily. Next time you’re done cleaning your ears, throw the Q-Tips in the trash.

Kitty Litter

It may seem logical to scoop cat poop into the toilet—after all, that’s where our waste goes, too. Nevertheless, flushing cat feces is bad for your drains and the environment. The popular clumping variety expands when put in contact with water, making it hard to move through plumbing, and the poop itself is known to spread harmful bacteria in oceans and rivers.


Are you a guy or gal who routinely throws excess hair from your brush into the toilet? If so, then it’s time to stop the madness! Think about how easily hair builds up and causes clogs in the shower—the exact same thing is true for your toilet.

Items you CAN flush down your toilet
Hand flushing toilet.

Now that you know all about what you should never flush down the toilet, here are a few that you can…

“Number one”
“Number two”
Toilet paper


To learn even more facts about the items you should avoid flushing, watch the video below. And be sure to share this info—especially with your kids. You’ll only have clean drains if everyone in your house cooperates!

What do you think of flushing these 8 items? Have you ever gotten a clog because you threw one of them in the toilet? Is there anything you would like to add to the list?