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Here’s What Oncologists Won’t Tell You About Essential Oils

According to latest studies which are searching for a natural cure against cancer, essential oils can help.
The human body resonates at a frequency of 62-78 MHz and scientists believe that diseases start at 58 MHz. Many studies have shown that negative thoughts can reduce our frequency by 12 MHz, while positive thinking raises it by 10.
This means that there are many things that can affect our health in ways we can’t imagine.
According to the latest studies, essential oils can fight cancer thanks to their antibacterial properties and their ability to change the frequency we resonate at.
One of the scientists involved in the study, Bruce Tainio, developed a special Calibrated Frequency Monitor that measures the frequency of essential oils and how they affect us. M. Suhail, an immunologist, says that cancer develops when the DNA in our cells’ nucleus is corrupted.
Essential oils can correct this and repair the code, effectively improving our chances against the terrible disease.
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
When considering using essential oils for whatever reason, you must make sure they’re therapeutic grade. Most of the oils available on the market are of low quality and are mixed with additives such as alcohol.
They don’t work nearly as grade as pure oils, so make sure to get yours from a trusted source.
In his book “The Body Electric”, R. O. Becker said that our bodies’ electronic frequency determines our health.

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