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Grilled Steak Kabobs Are The Perfect Food For Backyard BBQs

When I was a little girl my family would often spend our summer at the campground. I loved it! We would buy a seasonal pass and park our camper out at the state park for the entire three months of summer. I made so many friends each year. Such wonderful memories! Another great memory about camping was the food. My mom would often make us steak and/or chicken kabobs on the grill or over the fire pit. They tasted scrumptious! Juicy meat and fresh veggies on a stick? yes, please!

These steak kabobs are insanely easy to make. The only “fancy” ingredients you need are the skewers.

One time, Mom forgot the skewers so she used marshmallow sticks. LOL!

There is just something that screams “summer fun” when you get steak kabobs on the grill. I love how you can get an entire meal on a stick when you make these yummy little guys. Fresh veggies, juicy meat, and whole lotta love go into these delicious sticks of goodness. I could seriously eat these kabobs all summer long. Sometimes, I will use chicken in place of the steak. Yum! My husband says we should try using ham next time. A ham kabob? I don’t know about all of that but it’s worth a try!

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