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Green cabbage is a summertime staple. It makes its way into all sorts of backyard cookouts and picnics in the form of coleslaw, but did you know you can also grill it? Grilling cabbage is easier than you may think, and it turns out tender and sweet every time. I’ve been grilling cabbage every week this summer and serving it as a side dish with grilled salmon, an element in grain bowls, and diced up with avocado and peaches for salads. If you want to learn how to grill tender, sweet green cabbage, read on!

Grilled cabbage is versatile, surprisingly sweet, and nutritious. (Cabbage is a prebiotic , which means it feeds the good bacteria that live in your gut.) The key to grilling it to perfection is a sharp chef’s knife, aluminum foil, and a backyard grill that’s set to medium. It’s that simple.

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