In 2004 I had posted this recipe in honor and memory of my wonderful mother in law, Lura Hall. She was the most wonderful mother in law I could have ever hoped to have. We loved each other so much and we were best friends. In 2001 she passed away quickly from Aortic Stenosis and Congestive Heart Failure at home. Our last words on the phone the day before was “I Love You…I Love You Too”. The food she had cooked that morning was still warm on the stove. One more time her children sat at her table and ate her wonderful Sunday dinner. She was 89 years old. I sang at her funeral knowing Heaven had just gotten sweeter. Today I looked back at that website and there the recipe remained. So many fantastic reviews and”Thank Yous” I was simply over come with joy. She would have been so happy to have shared this with so many grateful cooks. She took her Dumplings to so many family reunions to have them quickly disappear. I continue to make them and I hope you will make them and think of her. …Jewel
-What a wonderful, wonderful glowing tribute of your love for your mother in law! Thank you so much for sharing what I am sure is only a small part of the great relationship you and she had. I will think of you and your mother in law every time I make this so I make sure all that very special Love is include!
-This is just like my grandmother’s, who would have been 123 years old, the only difference in the recice is she took some of the broth from the chicken to make the dumplings and added black pepper. I was 14 when she passed at the age of 84. I would watch her when she made these as it was my favorite dish!

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