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Graham Cracker Pieces

I got this recipe from my sister. Toffee-like without the chocolate!
-Made these, something so easy to make ,this recipe is so good will be making more especially at Christmas. This would be nice packaged and given as small gifts or served to your guests. I will package mine in small tins with Christmas mug with hot chocolate mix as gifts
-Hi Susan, thanks for sharing this recipe. I tried them the same day I saw them posted and they are super delish !! I ate them and ate them and kept eating them till they were gone. Those are dangerous. Once you get started it’s hard to put them down. Truly, I put them in my office and we nibbled daily till they were gone. Everyone loved them. Kitchen Tested and approved for sure.
-I mad these yesterday and they are delicious. I used all butter. May try a little less butter
next time as it seemed like it may have been too much as fingers were greasy when you picked them up to eat. I used Cinnamon Graham crackers. Chopped my nuts on the small side and sprinkle them over the crackers before lading the butter over all. I also used
brown sugar.
-Maybe third time asking a question is the charm … what size pan should be used? (They come in MANY standard sizes and using the wrong size would obviously affect the outcome).
This website should require DETAILED instructions and ingredient lists. If you look over the posts under many recipes, the questions are almost always related to the information that wasn’t included in the original post. Even seasoned cooks need the proper info to follow a recipe.

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