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Gooey Butter Cookies

– Jackie Brown and Cindi Bauer, there actually is a Duncan Hines “Butter Recipe” cake mix that’s butter flavored, although it’s not easy to find. It has nothing to do with whether you use butter when you make the cookies, you could add butter to any mix or recipe that calls for butter, shortening, or margarine. In my own experience, if you can’t find the butter flavored mix, yellow or french vanilla cake mix are excellent substitutes.
– Jackie Brown, this is regarding your question… “What do you mean butter recipe cake mix?” With butter recipe cake mixes, you use butter instead of vegetable oil, and the boxed cake mixes will specify that on the back of the box, and state on the front of the box, that it’s a butter cake mix. Beside Duncan Hines, there are other brands of butter cake mixes which you can purchase as well.

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