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Glazed Cinnamon Pineapple Bread

We’ve all indulged in a variety of delectable fast breads throughout the years, but how many of them have you actually experienced that will stick in your memory? We’re referring to the sort of recipe that causes people to recollect and ask you to prepare it repeatedly. We think that this specific dish has the makings of legends, or at the absolute least, the makings of new traditions. This incredibly rich and buttery bread gets a surprising, tropical makeover thanks to the tart pineapple that serves as its sweetener. Say no more if you enjoy the flavor of freshly made sweet bread and the scent of cinnamon. You definitely must sample our perfectly glazed cinnamon pineapple bread.

We could hardly wait to devour the golden, sticky loaf when it finally came out of our oven. Alas, we still had to let it rest for a few minutes before removing it from the pan and believe us when we say that those minutes felt like an eternity! The buttery glaze we drizzled over the top barely set before we were slicing and devouring this delicious dish. We love that this recipe could easily be served for dessert, breakfast or snack, plus, it makes for a great gift and is a welcome addition to any gathering. It’s so good we seriously licked our fingers clean!

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