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Frosted Orange Rolls

A couple of things before I get to these mind-blowingly awesome frosted orange rolls.

1.) I have mentioned before that my best friend since jr. high is getting married this summer. This past weekend was one of her bridal showers and so, in the spirit of bridesmaidy-best friendliness, I turned my tiny kitchen into a cookie-making factory.

I even caved and turned on the air conditioning so that my frosting would actually have more than a snowball’s chance in hell at setting.

Get it? They’re bra and underwear sets. I cannot take full credit for this idea – I saw it on Foodbuzz once and it stuck in my head. Here’s what you do: take a heart, cut it in half horizontally. Aaaaaand…that’s it. Though you can’t really tell it from my super fantastic iPhone photos, I decorated half of them with white frosting and the other half with light blue frosting. I used the cookie and buttercream frosting recipe from my Valentine’s Day cookies, but they could certainly be done using any cut-out cookie recipe. Also, using a royal icing would likely give you a more professional look, but dang if I don’t really love that buttercream frosting, so that’s what I chose to go with. All in all, after four hours of baking and frosting and generally praying they turned out well, I thought they were pretty cute!

2.) Yesterday I was bopping along on Foodbuzz, doing my normal “check out what everyone else is doing” thing, when, all of a sudden, I realized that I recognized one of the pictures at the top of the Baking Buzz page! Wait a second…is that…that’s my pie!

Commence falling out of my chair in surprise.

I can’t even imagine how I would react if one of my recipes was ever in the Top 9. I’d probably have a stroke on the spot.

And now, for the real purpose of this post: Frosted Orange Rolls.

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