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Front Yard Lanscape Project – Zone 1

Last summer, I updated the landscape in the front yard. The Hosta plants along the sidewalk that leads to our front door were growing over the grass making it hard to mow without taking out some of their leaves in the process. We also had an area on the East side of the lawn where the grass did grow well due to the tree roots from our neighbors Walnut tree. Then, I wanted to address the area around the tree in the yard that is at the top of a slope making it really hard to mow around. Lastly, I decided to enlarge the flower bed on the East side of the house. So….I broke up the project into 4 Zones. Here is Zone 1 – Hosta bed & front flower garden enlargement…..

front yard lanscape project zone 1
Hosta bed – 10 years agoDo you have any Hosta plants? If you do, you know those babies grow like crazy! When we moved into the house in 2001, the flower bed along the sidewalk in the front of our house had rose bushes and Hosta plants. We transplanted the rose bushes to the back yard, leaving the Hostas alone in the flower bed. They loved the extra space and it wasn’t long before they had grown enough to touch each other.Over the years, I have divided these plants many times. The first time was to add some to the backyard flower beds – there are 11 plants in there. The next year, I divided them and planted them in the East flower beds creating 10 new plants. After that, I had run out of transplant areas so I started giving them to friends about every other year so they have been divided no less than 10 times. If you don’t have any Hosta plants and want some hearty, large-leaved plants, you can’t go wrong with these. They love the shade but have adapted well in the backyard where the sun shines on them most of the day.

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