Friendship Casserole is a huge hit in my house! The kids have loved it every time we have made it!! The second time I did up two larger casserole dishes instead of these three smaller casserole pans pictured and we froze one and cooked one!!! (I have included links to some great products that I have bought on my own to make my life easier. You can buy them too through my online sales links.)

We served this with breadsticks and a salad!! Way cheaper than a night out to dinner and everyone loved it! I make this at least once a month it’s such a good casserole to make for a busy soccer practice night!

Having a good set of pans is a must have! I am loving my new pans I picked up last year!! This is my first set of pans with ceramic on the inside and I will never go back!! Nothing has stuck to mine and you can order them from Amazon!

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