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French Silk Slab Pie

I have seen people eat all of the filling out of a slice of pie and leave the crust behind. But that is not me. When it comes to pie, I want as much crust as I can get, which is why I love slab pie so much! Because the pie is so much bigger and the filling is so much thinner, the ratio of crust to filling is ideal. (Or at least I certainly think so.) And a French Silk Pie illustrates that point perfectly… While the filling of a normal French Silk Pie can feel like a bit much, with a slab pie, it’s the perfect dose of rich chocolatey flavor backed by crispy crust. And it feeds a crowd, which is always a plus. (Whether you actually have a crowd or just want more slices for yourself.)

Here’s a nice thing — you can use your favorite pastry recipe OR storebought crust for this; it’s totally up to you. But whatever route you’ll go, you’ll need the equivalent of two crusts. If you’re using storebought, just stack the crusts together and roll them out into a rectangle that’s slightly larger than your baking sheet. (Which should be a half sheet pan, which is about 13×18 inches.)

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