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Free Craigslist Hutch! – UPCYCLE

This Midcentury 60s style hutch, was a free find on Craigslist! – I had a vision immediately for it! It was the perfect size for my dishes and cups in our new place we’re moving into. Vintage meets MCM meets farmhouse meets modern?! You choose ❤️ Let me know what you think !! ⬇️ Check out my Instagram for more projects ! ✨ALSO SUBSCRIBE ✨ to my blog!

free craigslist hutch upcycle
Sneak peek! – BEFORE AND AFTER 


Craigslist add photoI was looking specifically for a hutch to makeover! I had only done 2 before this, and one was more of a buffet than a hutch, but as soon as I saw this I knew what I wanted to do with it! It was FREE – so I paid the guy to deliver it to my house since it was a few towns beside us, and a few hours later it was mine 😍

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SANDINGsince the hutch itself was going to be painted, it only needed a rough sand. So I used my 150 grit sanding block from homdepot and roughed it up.

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