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Four Bean Baked Beans With Ground Beef by Rose

added by Rose Rauhauser
This is a family favorite even though it takes time, it’s worth it. They freeze well also. It’s hearty and made with ground beef also. Great on dogs and burgers too.
-Many years ago, I had a recipe very similar to this one and my family loved it — but I lost it! So glad I found yours, I’ll be making it for a party we’re expecting at Church and I don’t expect to take any home! I can’t make it for just the two of us, so I’m looking forward to having an excuse to enjoy it again!
-Rose, I’m confused on how the recipe reads… Mix all together and make sure the ground beef is separated and thoroughly through all the ingredients.
That sentence does NOT make sense to me…. Can you help me out?
-Great, I’m making a batch this weekend for a crowd but I’m already getting asked for a batch to put on hot dogs for a football Sunday, it never ends with this particular recipe, I guess it’s because it’s like a meal with the meat in it….here I go again.
-Dear Diane, I thank you for sharing my recipe with your family and friends. Mine like the sweetness but I also spice mine with a little more heat because everyone likes the kick of spice. We all make the recipes to our family and friends tastes, especially when a recipe is in such a big quantity as this one, right?? Happy for you.

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