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Easy DIY Wood Crate Desk – Perfect for Homeschool

Step 2. Attach framing & trim.

To attach the trim to the edges, use wood glue and nail into place with 1.5″ finish nails.

Step 3. Fill nail holes & sand.

Fill all nail holes on trim with wood putty. Once putty has dried, sand to smooth and while you’re at it – give everything a nice light sanding.

Step 4. Seal.

Apply 3-4 coats of polyurethane to seal with staining rag. Lightly sand in between coats with 220 grit sandpaper. Let it dry throughout before handling.

Step 5. Attach 4 wood crates together.

Arrange the crates and hold flush while using a brad nailer with 1 inch nails to secure the crates at the end.

Be sure to only nail the crates on the ends because that wood is thicker (3/4″) and the slats of the crates are 1/4″ thick. Together that is an inch and we’re using 1 inch nails.

Step 6. Place desk top on.

Simply lay the desktop on top of the crates and make sure they are centered.

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Step 7. Secure crate desk to wall.

Using corner brackets, secure the crates and/or the desktop to the wall.





So there you have it! An easy DIY desk made out of wood crates, plywood and some trim pieces and that’s IT! So simple, right?



If you are needing a budget-friendly homeschool desk or working from home desk, this easy wood crate desk is perfect!