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Dresser Turned Into a DIY Map Cabinet

Hi Hometalk! I hope every one of you is having a nice day. Today, I will share a design or you can call it a style that I’ve been a huge fan of. I am a really huge fan of it that I have one sitting in my living room, I love it so much that I couldn’t sell it! So let’s begin turning this dresser into a map cabinet!

best old dresser makeover idea

I’ve bought this old soft pine Ikea dresser at a local ReStore for $30. It has a few scratches and perforations and to complement the dresser’s imperfection, I will be restyling it into an Antique Map Cabinet.

I extracted the old hardware and then cleansed the dresser with a TSP substitute.

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After the piece was dry and clean I filled in the holes from the old hardware using an All-Purpose Putty.

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