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DIY Stencilled Rug

In this post, learn how to make your own DIY stencilled rug to add pattern and interest to any space without breaking your budget!

We’ve really been enjoying our New Mud Room ever since we finished that project this spring. It’s beautiful and functional and it really is everything I’ve ever wanted in a mud room. Somehow though, despite the exposed brick wall, the fun green painted French door, and the beautiful grey cabinetry, I still felt like the room looked a little plain when I saw it in photos. It needed a little pattern and I though a rug or two would be the perfect addition(s) to the room. That’s how this DIY stencilled rug project was born!

diy stencilled rug

If you can find a plain utility-type of rug in a size and color that works for your space, perfect. We weren’t able to, so we ended up going to the section of our local Home Depot where they have all the different types of carpeting and vinyl flooring on big rolls. We were able to find a grey color of indoor/outdoor rug that worked perfectly for this project, that we just cut to our own custom size. When you’re looking for a rug, you want something with a relatively flat weave so it’s easy to stencil your pattern on to.

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