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DIY Shelf Covers

If you are starting from scratch- here’s your list:

•1/2” plywood

•1x3x8 for the facing. (one would cover 4 shelves, I have 5 shelves so I would have bought 2 of these)




 nail gun



These need to fit over the wire shelves so I needed to make a cut out for the brackets. I used a piece of paper to trace around them so I’d have a template.

Then transfer this template onto your plywood.

The I cut everything out with my jigsaw. You could also use a table saw for the longer cuts.

After I got them all cut, I had to make some adjustments bc my closet walls are not straight.

Once I got them to fit, (a little kicking was needed) I placed all the plywood shelves into the wire shelves and used my nail gun to attach the 1×3 for the front.



I spent $0 on this project because it was all left over wood from other projects so I call this an absolute win.

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