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DIY Rustic Farmhouse Tables

I am getting thoroughly frustrated with the furniture you can buy in stores. I will pay $200-300 for desks and side tables made of pressed particleboard. Within a year or two, they are already crumbling. On another frustrated note, the designs I like typically end up costing me a lot more than I want to pay, or are missing something! So, I started to learn how to build my own furniture. I typically use less expensive pine you can find in a hardware store to keep the cost down. Any nicks in my kitchen table are considered “memories” – haha! My guests had started asking me where I was buying my furniture – when I told them I actually built it, they were interested in the prospect of me building their own furniture. One of these builds included a coffee table and a pair of side tables for my brother in law’s living room. His girlfriend and I did some searching to find exactly what she was looking for and then I came up with a plan and went to Lowe’s.

Cut List (for one side table):

  • Legs – (8) 2×4 @ 22″
  • Connections – (4) – 2×2 @ 16″
  • X Design – (2) 2×2 @ 26″ long to short, you will want to trace the cut once your legs and connections are assembled. Also, (4) 2×2 @ 13″ – again trace this once your longer piece is in place.
  • Table Top – (5) 2×6 @ 27″
  • Bottom Shelf – (2) 1×12 @ 16″

Tools You Will Need:

  • Tape measure
  • Speed square
  • Pencil
  • Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System
  • Drill and bit set
  • Miter Saw
  • Sander
  • Paintbrush

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