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DIY Patio Makeover!

My parents patio has been very depressing, very boring and VERY underutilized the entire time they have lived in their house (since like 2004!). They rarely ever go outside on their deck! It was definitely overdue for a change. They have had the same patio set for as long as I can remember, and it is very dated. I decided to take it upon myself to give them a brand new patio where they can go outside, relax, have a nice dinner (or any meal for that matter) and just enjoy the outdoors with their beautiful view. I did several different easy DIYs to complete this makeover and the turnout was amazing, my parents loved their updated space.



diy patio makeover

The BEFORE photos



They’ve got such a great view, but they literally never spend time out here. For all the years I lived at home, this was never an inviting or utilized space. It was time for a change!

Just looks old.. dirty, unused, forgotten about. They never use the puppy crates outside, they’d been sitting there for months. The big outdoor bin holds a few things inside but we rarely ever use it, so I decided to move those to a different area that’s less visible.

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