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DIY Map Art From Old Pallets

Custom framed art can be VERY expensive and is definitely out of our budget. Our family room has giant wall without any windows that needed art so we needed to create some without spending a ton of money. We created these stunning framed maps using old pallets and hung them from a pipe for a super cool industrial look. We chose to make them in a way that will allow us to change out the prints for Christmas or other seasons if we choose to 🙂

diy map art from old pallets, diy, pallet, wall decor

First we ripped the pallets down to a more narrow width using our table saw. Then we cut them down to length using a chop saw. We used old plywood to create strips that were half the width of the pallet pieces and painted them gray (not necessary–it just looks better). Then we glued one strip of the plywood the back of one of the pallet pieces. We avoid drilling or nailing into pallet wood whenever possible because it can be brittle, so we use wood adhesive for this step. Our favorite wood adhesive (aff link) is Dap Rapid Fuse.

diy map art from old pallets, diy, pallet, wall decor

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