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DIY Double Sliding Doors for under $150

Barn doors are still all the rage these days, and you can’t beat how convenient they are in tight spaces. We have two areas in our house that benefit SO much from having a door that can slide rather than swing. Our laundry room, in particular, needed a double sliding door because there wasn’t enough space on either side of the doorway for a single 32″ door.See what I mean?

DIY Double barn doors

When I started to price out what a barn door would cost, I knew the hardware would be at least $200 on the low end (though you can see where I found cheaper hardware here), but then I started looking up costs for a double door – meaning double the hardware – and it was more than twice the price. Not cool, man! These doors aren’t even heavy, so they don’t need the extra hardware because of weight, it’s just so they can balance properly.

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