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DIY Ceiling Spider Pendant Door Chandelier

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Breaking out the saw horses

I setup the saw horses and placed the door on top. Still wondering how this would work.

Grabbed the painters tape

I used only the painters tape to decide where I wanted them placed. That way I could move them around with no damage. Once I was satisfied I moved to the next step.

Huge mistake

I began screwing each cord for the pendant lights in and used wiring U shaped tacks to clean up the wires. I really thought this was the best way. Until we got it suspended from the ceiling. I then saw my error. I had a bundle of messy cords! My opening for mounting and wiring was much smaller to accommodate them even if I spliced them and re wired. Not to mention I had already tacked every wire down. So I was at a stand still.



I left the mess and went to bed. By morning I took out every screw and tack. I apologize as I did not capture a picture for the next step. I then draped all eighteen cords from the center pane. One by one I reattached them. Finally it was going to work and make some sense. I was off to a good start!

Finally success and completion

After redoing all of my work and I can sit back and enjoy the reward. I am so happy with my vision coming to life!!!! I have had so many complements and I am so proud. Next will be installing a dimmer switch as even with 5W led bulbs there is eighteen of them and it is so bright. I hope you enjoyed this project and it brings you some inspiration. The cost for the whole project was around $250. Most of that is in the bulbs.

I ended up painting the ceiling black. I found this distracted the eye from the hanging cords and made them disappear. I used Magnolia Home little black dress.

Added the sconces with personalized sign to make the wall more full while still being minimal. I don’t like clutter. The sconces are from Hobby Lobby and the canvas is from Tailored Canvases. Paint color is Magnolia Home Blanched.

The rug helped open up the room so much. It’s from Target.

I think you can see even my standard is proud of my work!