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DIY Boho Floor Pillow Using Dollar Store Rugs

I don’t know about you, but I love a project that begins with, “I found these at the dollar store!”

Such is the case with this DIY floor pillow tutorial. I love the coziness created by floor pillows in home decor. It beacons a casual, “come on in and stay awhile.” They are great in a living room, on a patio, for a casual meal, for reading nooks, and for movie nights. The best is that it is another way to add color and texture to your decor, almost like layering an outfit with a scarf or fantastic necklace.

Often times, great overstuffed floor pillows can run a bit pricey. Since they are not a required staple for a room, I tend to ward off getting too spendy with them. The bummer is that I love them… so when I found these rag rugs at the dollar store, I decided to make a floor pillow instead! I love that the texture creates an instant boho vibe in my home!

diy boho floor pillow using dollar store rugs


  • 2 rag rugs
  • burlap (a 6″ strip long enough to wrap the circumference of the rug)
  • cotton string
  • yarn needle
  • a pillow and/or batting

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