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DIY Abstract Art Plate Wall

Plates walls will always be in style. And creating Abstract Art on my white plates from Dollar Tree was so easy. And when it comes to designing them there are so many color possibilities.

diy abstract art plate wall

I only needed 22 plates for my project, but I purchased extras just in case I decided I wanted to pretend I was in Greece. Who wants to wash dishes especially when you didn’t get them dirty? Well washing these plates is a must.  When purchased they are dusty, dirty  and sometimes a little oily.  Rinse them well.

If you watch the video it will seem like I intentionally put the adhesive hangers on the back of the plates before I painted them.   I was planning on installing the white plates in my kitchen. Then my whole world turned BLUE!  I had an idea.  I filled an oil changing pan that I had gotten from Dollar Tree below the spout area with water. Make sure the water isn’t too cold. It was freezing in my garage.

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