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Chili Cheese Hand Pies

When I think of hearty meals chili is always in the top 10. And, the savory filling of these chili cheese hand pies delivers on that classic flavor. But, served inside a flaky half-moon pie crust these little pies are perfect for those times when you want something that sticks to your ribs and tastes great while doing it!

This recipe is wonderfully easy to make thanks to frozen pie crust. The time saved on making the crust is used to make a from-scratch chili filling that’s out of this world.

The chili filling is a lively mix of beef, beans, tomatoes, bell pepper, and onion. Like most chilis the spices in this filling really make the dish. Cumin, honey, oregano, chili powder, and garlic powder give it a rounded flavor profile that’s not too spicy.

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