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Crescent Moon Window Shutters

I have tried curtains in this bathroom and also the privacy window vinyl in this room but never liked the look.

I think this could be cute in other rooms as well. Imagine reading your children the book Goodnight Moon…and there are your shutters with the moon. icon

crescent moon window shutters

Each of the 4 panels is hinged so it completely opens up out of the way. I can peek outside through the moon cut out or I can open it fully or partially.

Create a new window frame if needed

You need to decide if your existing frame is ok. If not…

1st- rip it off!

2nd- Cut a simple new frame and stain the 4 pieces

3rd- Attach the pieces onto the wall with a brad nailer

4th- paint the window sash if needed and admire how much better it looks already!

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