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Creating a Colorful Piece of Furniture With Blending

I have been painting furniture for about 8 years and I always love to challenge myself with new techniques and styles! This time I decided to use some yellow (which I never use for some reason) and blend in other bright colors as well for a festive and funky look!

creating a colorful piece of furniture with blending
Prep workI started by removing all of the hardware, cleaning thoroughly, and lightly sanding the entire piece. I don’t use any kind of primer when painting for a few reasons. First, the paint I usually use is a clay based paint which adheres really well (which most high quality chalk or mineral paints do) and second, I like to see the wood tones peek through when I distress the piece. When distressing a piece that has been primed you are usually left with a white “halo” around your distressed areas.

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