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Create a Stunning Statement Wall for Less Than $5.

Creating beautiful things for essentially zero cost, is an amazing feeling. This is the second sharpie wall I have done in my home and I often get asked If it’s tile, even when people see it in person.

I absolutely love these walls, they are so cheap and so simple. And If you ever want to change the space, simple apply a coat or two of fresh paint and the pattern is gone.

Follow along with me and I will show you just how simple it is.

create a stunning statement wall for less than 5
Let’s get startedMaterials needed:

  • sharpie oilbased paint pen in black
  • 4’ level

Decide on the pattern you want on your wall. I measured out my wall and did a few calculations and figured out what the distance Needed to be between my lines.

Im a visual person, so I drew it out roughly on my iPad. A simple piece of paper works just as well.

here is my rough sketch with dimensions.

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