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Creamy Rice Pie

We really enjoy when simple ingredients come together to make something extraordinary, and that is exactly the case with our rice pie. Rice pie is just one of those dishes; it doesn’t require any fancy ingredients, but it looks elegant, tastes amazing, and is super easy to make. A handful of supplies from the fridge and pantry are all we need to make this cheesy and savory rice pie.

A good cottage cheese pie is one of our favorite brunch dishes. When we were assigned the task of handling the menu for a friend’s bridal brunch, we wanted something a little heartier and a bit more elegant than our traditional version. This rice pie was perfect! Onions and spices balance the creamy cottage cheese flavor, and hearty rice lends an intriguing texture. It’s flavorful, filling, and it looks good enough to appear on any table. We love the taste, and the bride-to-be can’t wait to try out the recipe! It’s a guaranteed hit for any meal and every occasion.

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