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Creamy Crockpot Hash Browns

Reviews :
-Absolutely LOVED IT! Made it exactly as written and although it made A LOT, (had it for supper, then lunch a couple of times) we were glad because it was SOOOO good! I think next time, I might add some veggies into like green beans, corn, etc. because I think that would also be wonderful. Thanks so much for the recipe!
Awesome variation to regular potatoes.
– I added my picture after the first time I made these. I try to take pics of the recipes I try just for fun:). I know you didn’t steal it!!;). (I only said it was mine in response to someone’s question so they would know how I knew it was a 4qt crockpot. Sorry if that came across wrong!)
Anywho, I have made these many many times since and they are delicious!!
-These are T.H.E. BEST!! A family staple at picnics and gatherings. We call them “Cheesy P’s”…cuz we always add a lot more cheese..and we use cheddar! Delish!! 🙂 I agree with others on here…that if you don’t like something just don’t comment. Jeepers. The Food Police think they have to make the world better for everyone! Enjoy, fellow foodies! 🙂
-These look great. How about chopping up some of that left-over turkey from Thanksgiving and mix with a bit of cranberry sauce and the mozzerella cheese. Terrific way to use up “leftovers” Yum!

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