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Cranberry Apples

Rarely do I not have this made and in my refrigerator! When a craving for “something sweet” raises it’s ugly head this recipe is a good (and healthy) “fix”! It is a great side for any type of breakfast and is absolutely delicious with pork or chicken. Serve it hot or cold–either way it is wonderful! As a note, since my original post of the recipe I began using fresh cranberries vs canned whole berry cranberries. To cut calories, I only use 1/2 cup sugar (vs 1 c. sugar as the bag instructs). I cook the apples (as stated above) in a separate pan then combine everything into one bowl.
-To make the recipe more healthy, I’ve quit using the canned whole berry cranberry sauce as I listed in my original recipe. I use fresh cranberries and follow the instructions on the back of the package to cook them. However, I only use about 1/2 cup of sugar vs. one cup of sugar. The cranberries are very tart but I don’t mind in order to save calories! I am happy that through the years since I first posted the recipe that so many people have tried it and enjoy it.
-This crazy spell checker…. Thanks for the post from 4 years ago… I’m off to have a small bowl for a bedtime snack. Will be making a double recipe next week for our Thanksgiving (days before and days after) dinner
-I made this last week and it is outstanding! Our little home owned grocer did not have whole berry cranberries so I made my own following the recipe on the back of fresh cranberries. I do not think I will ever buy another can, it is delicious!!! I was looking for the canned and commented to another lady in the aisle and she told me about it. Please try if you haven’t. I have had it for every meal I think. Thanks for this most from 4 years ago.

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