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Coconut Pineapple Butter Cake

Gooey Coconut Pineapple Butter Cake is a moist, delicious cake and no need for frosting. Easy cake starting with a cake mix and with cream cheese too!

This gooey Coconut Pineapple Butter cake starts out using a cake mix !

This cake consists of two layers really. Cake on the bottom (almost like a pie crust) and the gooey filling/topping on top. But somehow, it forms one delicious taste treat.

See the dark top ? Not burnt, it is due to all the Icing Sugar (Powdered Sugar) used in this recipe.

Somehow the Sugar forms that paper thin layer, which actually feels like paper, but tastes amazing. I like to pick off those parts and eat it first ! (but I think that’s only me!).

The first time I baked the cake, I almost could not believe how simple this recipe is.

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