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Cleaning Your Grill


In addition to that, you’ll need some garbage bags to soak your grates and flavor bricks in.

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I have 2 grates and placed each one in a garbage bag, and in the 3rd bag, I placed the metal flavor bricks that sit under the grates.



Here’s what I put in each bag to test which one would work best…





  1. Dawn Dish Soap – I covered the grate with water, and then placed 1/2 cup of Dawn in the bag.
  2. Ammonia & Vinegar Combo – I placed 3 cups of Ammonia & 3 cups of Vinegar in the bag with a grate.
  3. Vinegar – I placed the flavor bars in a bag and poured in vinegar to cover the flavor bars.



I let these bags soak overnight.

While the bags were soaking I sprayed the inside with vinegar, let that soak for a few minutes, and used my grill scraper to remove as much loose debris, and grease as possible. I then hosed out the inside of the grill.

Next, I washed the outside and rinsed it off.

The next day I removed each item from the bag.

I used my grill brush to see which one removed the most grease and burned on items.

Here is the order of the results…



  1. Dawn Dish Soap – easy removal and cleaning the best
  2. Vinegar – a close second, easy removal of debris
  3. Ammonia – was just “okay” and didn’t move as much as I had hoped.

I washed off the grates and put them back on the grill.

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