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Classic Steak Diane

Steak Diane is a fantastic American dish we love! It’s essentially an American take on French cuisine. It’s a pan-fried steak with a sauce made from pan juices and flambeed. Despite the popularity of the dish in the early 20th century, three decades ago the dish fell out of fashion. This, of course, means many modern diners haven’t had it, or enjoyed a good Steak Diane in quite some time. We wanted to remedy this oversight with a slightly more modern interpretation of this nearly forgotten dish.

To properly make Steak Diane, you first have to sear the steaks then set aside while cooking the shallots and mushrooms with the drippings and some butter. Add a few more ingredients to make the sauce, then finish cooking the steaks in the sauce to cook them to perfection. Typically, the steaks were cooked by the table to make an impressive show of the flambe. Feel free to call the guests into the kitchen to make a show of the fire, or just enjoy it yourself (but be careful of the flames!). Keep reading below for this delicious dinner recipe…

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