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Christmas Cake

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a traditional cake on the table! There are many different recipes for all sorts of cakes! Many of us love the traditional rich fruit, or you may prefer a light fruit, an all-in-one boiled mix, a mix to include mincemeat, a stollen type etc. – the list is endless!

So, if making a Christmas cake for the first time, how do you go about choosing a recipe? Usually good recipes are passed on by family and friends, down through the generations! Christmas magazines are never short of deliciously tempting recipes, so if you try some of these and like them, make sure you compile a book/folder to include all your favourites!

Here is a recipe that I would personally recommend, one that I have used for years. It is for a rich fruit cake, and originally came from a very old magazine called ‘The Home and Freezer Digest’. Many of you may remember it from way back in the ‘60’s/70’s! Tiny in size, it was packed full of recipes and useful information!

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