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Chocolate Vinegar Cake

In the list of “firsts,” baking a cake may not rate quite as high as a kiss, but it’s a close second. We found this out when soliciting cake recipes for our cake project. The stories and recipes came rushing in. Here, reader Julie Legg shares her memories of her first chocolate cake. We love it for its simplicity and honest flavors. You will too, experienced baker or first timer.

Vinegar Cake PlatedMy family has made this cake through four generations, and it’s the first cake I ever made. I was 9 years old, and my mom asked me to make the cake for them to take to a party. She gave me the recipe and went to take a bath. I must have gone to the bathroom door a dozen times to ask questions, but I baked up one really moist cake. The ingredients are simple—you have them in your pantry.


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