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Cherry Filled Crescent Rolls

The taste of these are outstanding! My kids practically inhaled the first tray I made. I did have trouble getting them to roll up without the filling oozing out, even by just putting 2 tsp in, the filling kept coming out. But Kree was sweet enough to answer my questions and help me try to figure out how to roll them so the filling would stay in. What I ended up doing was using 2 packages of the crescent rolls instead of one, and instead of rolling them, I put one crescent roll flat out on the baking sheet, placed the 2 TBS filling in the middle, then place another crescent roll on top, then sealed the edges. They worked out perfect for me this way! I am making them again tomorrow, as per request. Thanks for your help, Kree!
You’ll Need:
8 rolls.
1 (8 count) can of crescent rolls.
1 ½ cups of cherry pie filling.
½ cup of confectioners sugar.

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