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This is the perfect weeknight dinner for busy families. Filled with egg noodles and two kinds of cheese, ground hamburger and lots of flavor, you will be filled up! It is EASY, comforting and there’s not a single person at the table who won’t love it!

Dan and I used to make a version of this dish years ago. We have often remembered it fondly, but for some reason we haven’t replicated it until now. So silly. Our original version contained jalapeño peppers and I recall them adding the perfect zing. This version was made sans jalapeños in order to not burn the mouths of our young ones. I have found myself many times over the past few days crouched down in front of the open fridge, fork in hand, sneaking just “one more” teeny bite. It’s a keeper. We will not be waiting another seven years to make it again!

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