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Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

Okay, there’s nothing wrong with traditional barbecue sauces, but every once in a while we really crave something totally different to shake things up. This mustard BBQ sauce does just that! With mustard as the base, naturally, we built on that by adding apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, honey and maple syrup, then kicked things up a notch by also throwing some chipotle peppers in there. You need to try this stuff – you’ll be hooked!

We made this last weekend when we had a bunch of friends over and, while some were surprised to see a barbecue that was bright yellow, after trying it, they were quick to exclaim their newfound love for it! Trust us, even the most die-hard traditional-BBQ-sauce-lovers in your life will get on board with this tasty dip, you’ll see!

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