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Cajun Cake is a cake like no other! This cake is packed with pineapple flavor and is super simple to make.

The name Cajun Cake will probably make you think of shrimp and crawfish, but rest assured, this cake is deliciously sweet with no hidden surprises. It’s called Cajun Cake because it was first made in Cajun country and has since been a long-standing tradition in the area.

You’re going to love this one-of-a-kind cake. Cajun Cake is a simple cake, filled with crushed pineapple and topped with coconut and pecans. It’s absolutely perfect for a neighborhood potluck, a book club meeting, or even to go with your morning coffee.

One thing this cake isn’t missing is flavor. It’s incredibly gooey. The glaze topping soaks into the cake to give it a moist, rich flavor that you’ll be wanting more of.

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