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Buffalo Chicken Taquitos

These Buffalo Chicken Taquitos have been a popular recipe for a while now. This is a simple snack or meal to make. It is simply a taquito with buffalo chicken inside. You can mix this up in a bowl, or combine the ingredients and heat it up on the stove top. Either way will work. Speaking of simple things, I used 6 inch tortillas, heated up the mixture on my stovetop, put a strip of buffalo chicken in the tortilla and fried it. That is it. Nothing difficult, but your family will think you spent all day making these.

Taquitos make an awesome afternoon snack, great for the kids after school, or a quick bite when waiting for dinner to cook. Taquitos can be eaten on the run. They are not the type of snack that will drip all over, they do not need a utensil to eat it and they are easy to share too.

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