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Black Forest Cupcakes

Who doesn’t like cupcakes? AND who doesn’t like black forest cake? Well don’t answer that…lol I just tweaked my Black Forest Cake Recipe to fit a cupcake…and wanted to share with you all. Hope you like and enjoy! Please note that I used Robins Whipped Icing recipe for this. I have always used Regular homemade whipped cream, but Robins method holds up much longer. Thank you for this recipe Robin!
-Tried these this week and they were great.. didn’t have whipping cream so made a very fluffy cream cheese frosting and it worked fine. Also use my large muffin pans and made 10 big servings! About the size of a slice if it were a cake but a lot more portable. Thanks .
-no Cin S…I just use pure vanilla and sometimes vanilla bean paste…never had a problem with yellowing frosting’s, unless I used the vanilla pudding in frosting as I stated above, which maybe you read to fast…lol Thank You so much though! :o)
-Instant pudding will hold it up for days as well Tina, its like a little miracle worker lol…1 T per cup of cream and the white chocolate flavor is barely noticeable if at all, the vanilla flavor is good flavor but turns it yellow which I don’t like, so I just use the white chocolate and no one can even tell its in there… I personally can’t use Whip it, due to the ingredients…Thank You for the tip Tina! Happy Baking! :o)

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