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Best Hot Fudge Sauce

Over the years, I’ve reduced the sugar a little, replaced the corn syrup with honey and/or golden syrup successfully, and then this last time, I accidentally put everything but the vanilla in the pot at the same time — instead of stirring in the chopped chocolate or chocolate chips at the end — and it was fine. I’m still nervous to give in my full support, however.

It seems that it would be at risk to make the sauce grainy, if the chocolate cooks too long or burns slightly, but do know that if you’re making this as absentmindedly as I often do, it hasn’t failed me yet.

More ideas: You can add a little rum or bourbon at the end, or even a few flakes of sea salt, you could add some cinnamon or instant espresso during the cooking process, and this one time I stirred in a couple tablespoons of peanut butter at the end once the chocolate melted and I don’t want to say everyone liked me more that week, that would be weird, but it also might be true.

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