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Berry, Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

Greek yogurt is a huge deal right now. What makes Greek yogurt unique is that the whey is straine out. Greek yogurt is also called strained yogurt.

This Berry, Greek Yogurt Cheesecake is not only super trendy because it has Greek yogurt, but it is also no bake, which means that it is so simple! You will absolutely love this recipe. It is perfet for throwing together for any sort of get together especially now since the weather is getting so nice!
Do you have a person on the paleo diet to feed? Maybe they’re coming to your get together, or you just want to start trying the diet yourself? This is the perfect recipe! This is a paleo recipe for Berry, Greek Yogurt Cheesecake. It uses greek yogurt. AND it’s no bake. Could it get any better? The resulting dish is just as delicious, and the recipe is from Angela at Bare Root Girl.

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